Post Your Comments to the Current Question Asked

“Will the people of the United States support the lawful regulation, licensing and taxation of all cannabis (marijuana and hemp) for manufacturing and distribution for use and consumption by an adult market?”

2 Responses to “Post Your Comments to the Current Question Asked”

  1. Adman2 says:

    You bet! Only sensible thing to do.

  2. Dennis Landers says:

    When we the people of Vermont stop believing their lies! The DEA’s own administrative law judge back in the 1988 had this to say; “Marijuana, in its natural form, is the safest therapeutically active substance known to man”. I would have to say that they do not believe the lies themselves! The greedy and ignorant have controlled our healths and happiness for to long, 23 years later and we are still jumping through hoops! And as far as the “weak kneed” legislators go, they all need to take a long look in the mirror and ask themselves who are they to carry on this injustice? And for who? For it’s not, for the benefit of we the people as a whole, but the few! For if they were to study this harmless plant the fear that has been instilled in us all will begin to fade! The uses are said to be endless food, fuel, fiber medicine and much, much more. Sad to say people are all hung up on the euphoric effects! Euphoria; a feeling of well being, relaxation, and happiness. This according to Funk & Wagnalls! I’ll take this side effect all day long, and if the greedy and ignorant were to do the same, well the possibility’s are endless!
    The day is coming, for the most part the people have already spoken! Its time for the powers to be to do what is right for the people. This is a scary moment in time, for this harmless plant should be controlled by the people for the betterment of all! Not the power mongers this plant is the future!