About Marijuana Resolve

Cannabem Liberemus – Peaceful Resolve Through Awareness and Choice

Marijuana Resolve, Inc. is a Vermont nonprofit organization


Our mission is to sponsor a public dialogue to bring about a reasonable and peaceful resolution to the marijuana and hemp conflict that has deprived us of our freedom and harmed responsible adult Americans far too long and to help dissolve the intransigent causes of our state and national drug policy discord.

Board of Advisors:

Dan Riffle
Legislative Analyst
Marijuana Policy Project (MPP)

Jim Maxwell
Former Deputy State’s Attorney, Windham County 1994-1999
Attorney at Law

Joe Bushey
Board of Directors
Brattleboro Community Television (BCTV)

Police Captain Joseph H. Brooks (Retired)
Speakers Bureau
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Richard Davis, R.N.
Ex Officio, Executive Director
VCCH Vermont Citizens Campaign for Health

Shela Linton
Advocate for Social Justice
Brattleboro, Vermont

Steve Silverman
Executive Director
Flex Your Rights, Inc.